India Smythe Stands Up

 The hilarious new teen novel from the TSBA award-winning author of The Territory series.

‘I love reading Sarah Govett – she’s whip-smart, funny and by plugging into the hope and energy of the youth makes me feel better about these dark times.’
Dame Emma Thompson

But why listen to grown-ups? The teens will tell you themselves:

‘Literally ROFL’ Maame O, aged 14

‘Brilliantly written, made me laugh out loud millions of times’ Amelia L, aged 13 

‘Hilarious and just plainly brilliant’ Svetlana T, aged 11

‘One of the best books I’ve ever read’ Isabella, aged 12

‘Soooo funny … I would 10,000% recommend this to everyone’ Cleo, aged 15

‘Conveys a really powerful message about friendship and status’ Sophie, aged 12

‘Hilarious … really captured the reality of school … I loved it!’ Eliza B, aged 13

‘A must for all teens’ Holly-H C, aged 14

The Rebuilding of Tom

A laugh out loud journey through 21st century manhood in the debut novel from comedian, Spencer Brown.

Top 5 in the Kindle Literary Satire Charts!

 ‘A gloriously self-aware, satirical romp through the terrors of relationships, family life and survival.  Philip Roth meets Cold Feet!’
Helen Lederer (Absolutely Fabulous, Losing It (P.G.Wodehouse Award nominee))

‘Spencer Brown is endlessly inventive and delightfully, dependably silly, like a joy-seeking missile’
Richard Ayoade (The IT crowd, Submarine, The Crystal Maze)

‘An aspirational figure for the men of today’
Omid Djalili (Live at the Apollo, The Infidel)

‘Very funny. Peep Show combined with Outnumbered.  But you know.  In a book.’
Josh Howie (Josh Howie’s Losing it, BBC Radio 4)

‘Hilarious and heart-warming’
Andi Osho (Live at the Apollo, Curfew)

Xmas gift guides

Thrilled to see The Rebuilding of Tom Cooper recommended in so many gift guides this year!

Tom Cooper hits the charts!

Amazing reviews in for India Smythe!

‘Excruciatingly funny’ Books for Keeps

‘Genuinely hilarious moments… when a book like India Smythe Stands Up comes along, you get it into as many hands as possible’ Lucas Maxwell, BookRiot

‘One of the funniest heroines since… well… ever! She fits in with Bridget Jones and Georgia Nicolson. The writing is so sharp you may cut yourself’ Matt Imrie, editor of teenlibrarian.co.uk

Book launch
19 September 2019

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