The Lockdown Diary of Tom Cooper

Out 12th November 2020

The hilarious stand-alone sequel to The Rebuilding of Tom Cooper

‘So very funny’ Jenny Colgan, The Bookshop on the Corner
‘Endlessly inventive’ Richard Ayoade

2020 was supposed to be a great year. Unfortunately, Tom Cooper, like the rest of the world, has found himself stuck in the middle of a pandemic. He’s going to be spending the next few months trapped inside asmall flat with sole responsibility for his two single-
digit children. Separated from his girlfriend (and any possibility of help with childcare), Tom is plunged into a world of home schooling, awkward Zoom calls, supermarket feuds, al fresco workout sessions, cash-strapped tooth fairies, aging parents who won’t stay home and competitive clapping for the NHS. Not to mention the problem of trying to fulfill his girlfriend’s request for an erotic selfie of his rapidly deteriorating body…

Join Tom as he navigates the lockdown in the stand-alone sequel to last year’s hilarious The Rebuilding of Tom Cooper. Laugh-out-loud with real heart.
Lockdown has never been so entertaining.



‘I laughed until I cried and spat my tea out from laughing unexpectedly. This is definitely an uplifting, feel good, easy read.’ The Lil Book Blog
‘The perfect antidote to lockdown blues… literally laugh out loud hilarious (that kind of loud, snorting bark of a laugh that makes people stare at you)’ Bookshine and Readbows
‘This was exactly the book I needed to read right now… a hilarious but also heart warming story.’ Bookish Reads and Me 
‘I cannot recommend this book enough, it’s the perfect tonic for life right now.’ Handwritten Girl
‘This book made me cry with laughter at so many parts… just sublime’ Intensive Gassing about Books
I actually laughed out loud reading this and phoned my mum to give her a one liner! …I’d definitely recommend this’ The Breakfast Book Club

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